Film Portfolio

Operating from our base in Fermanagh, we offer film production services to a variety of clients including businesses, schools and community groups throughout Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. From storyboarded adverts to live performances, we love to bring a fresh perspective to new video projects.

We specialise in shooting in existing light using the sweetest prime lenses as discreetly and unobtrusively as possible, to minimise our presence in the scene. And we love to undertake video-journalism and documentary-style projects, being equally happy to work indoors or outside in the elements.

We source sound effects and production music to suit your project, then edit your video to the highest standards. And we can offer advice on the distribution of your film using DVD or—better still—using Vimeo, Youtube or similar online video-sharing services.

Fermanagh Choral Society

Fermanagh Choral Society attracts members from across County Fermanagh and beyond.

Men and women—from a variety of musical backgrounds and from several different nationalities—range in age from 17 to 70-plus. Some are recently new to the Society, many old hands have belonged for years, and others have come and gone and then returned, as their busy lives have allowed.

What they share together is an enjoyment of the company of like-minded people and a love of choral singing.

Thanks to all for helping bring this short film together… and not least for donning formal attire for the last two rehearsals ;)


‘Leaving’ is a short film, forming part of a stage play written and performed by pupils of Enniskillen Collegiate School.

The play considers the challenges faced by teenagers in their final year at school as they come to terms with growing up, leaving home and moving on.

Showreel 2013

A compilation of scenes from several school productions, from the Beckett Basement installation at Castle Coole and—naturally—the fabulous landscapes of Fermanagh.