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The Canon 5D MkII heralded a new era in videography when it appeared on the video production scene just a few years ago. It helped hugely in levelling the film-making playing field, so that your dream of bringing your ideas to life on film is now within easy reach!

Operating from our base in Fermanagh, we offer film production services to a variety of clients including businesses, schools and community groups throughout Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. From storyboarded adverts to live performances, we love to bring a fresh perspective to new video projects.

Catching your vision

We specialise in shooting in existing light with the sweetest prime lenses, using dollys, steadicams and other tools of the trade as discreetly and unobtrusively as possible, to minimise our presence in the scene. And we love to undertake video-journalism and documentary-style projects, being equally happy to work indoors or outside in the elements.

The editing suite

We source sound effects and production music to suit your project, then edit your video to the highest standards. And we can offer advice on the distribution of your film using DVD or—better still—using Vimeo, Youtube or similar online video-sharing services.

Stock Footage for stock footageIt's not always possible—or economical—to get footage shot specifically for your own needs. That's why we created Stock Film Ireland to make available a library of HD video files that are uniquely relevant to home-grown projects.

Here are some of our recent films, which you might enjoy!


‘Leaving’ is a short film, forming part of a stage play written and performed by pupils of Enniskillen Collegiate School.

view film fullsize - HD720pLeaving

Showreel 2013

A compilation of scenes from several school productions, from the Beckett Basement installation at Castle Coole and—naturally—the fabulous landscapes of Fermanagh.

view film fullsize - HD720pShowreel 2013


It’s easy to take Fermanagh’s unspoilt scenery for granted. Maybe it’s time to cherish what has only to be lost once, to be lost for ever?

view film fullsize - HD720pUnpaved

Wae a heart an a half: Performance

A short film capturing live performances of ‘Wae a heart an a half’ by three County Monaghan primary schools. The play depicts the memories of the narrator—an old soldier of the 36th (Ulster) Division who fought in the First World War.

view film fullsize - HD720pWae a heart an a half: Performance

Wae a heart an a half: Preparation

The start of rehearsals with ‘weans’ from primary schools in County Monaghan of ‘Wae a heart an a half’ written by Philip Orr about the Ulstermen who fought and died in the trenches of the Great War.

view film fullsize - HD720pWae a heart an a half: Preparation

Porter Handmade Furniture

The materials and tools, the craftsmen and the craftsmanship…what it takes to make fine furniture. Porter Home is located in Kesh, not that far from Enniskillen in County Fermanagh.

view film fullsize - HD720pPorter Handmade Furniture

Beckett Basement

A sound installation by John D’Arcy in Castle Coole, Co. Fermanagh as part of the inaugural Happy Days International Beckett Festival, celebrating the life and work of old Portoran Samuel Beckett.

view film fullsize - HD720pBeckett Basement

Fountain Three

Completing the trilogy of ‘Fountain’ films, recording the demise then rise of The Fountain Centre in Kesh

view film fullsize - HD720pFountain Three


How could I not?

view film fullsize - HD720pEGGs


My 2012 showreel with scenes from Fermanagh, including the Lough Erne Regatta near Crom Castle, plus footage from the North Antrim Coast (Portballintrae and White Park Bay), Jerusalem, clips from some school productions and, of course, lots of shots of Kesh!

view film fullsize - HD720pShowreel