Film Portfolio

Operating from our base in Fermanagh, we offer film production services to a variety of clients including businesses, schools and community groups throughout Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. From storyboarded adverts to live performances, we love to bring a fresh perspective to new video projects.

We specialise in shooting in existing light as discreetly and unobtrusively as possible, to minimise our presence in the scene. And we love to undertake video-journalism and documentary-style projects, being equally happy to work indoors or outside in the elements.

We source sound effects and production music to suit your project, then edit your video to the highest standards. And we can offer advice on the distribution of your film on DVD or—better still—using Vimeo, Youtube or similar video hosts.


Stock footage delivers the shots you need, right when you need them.

A few months back Dublin-based Jumpfilms were in the process of creating a new promotional video for a local client, and got in touch about the exclusive stock footage clips available in our stockfilmireland portfolio.

Well, here is their finished product…and we think it looks rather good (though we may be slightly biased!)