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Wae a heart an a half: Preparation

The start of rehearsals with ‘weans’ from primary schools in County Monaghan of ‘Wae a heart an a half’ written by Philip Orr about the Ulstermen who fought and died in the trenches of the Great War.

Had another opportunity to work with Stephanie Kenny-Quinn of Class Act Drama, filming at a few schools in Co. Monaghan as the children started out on rehearsals for a play called ‘Wae a heart an a half’ (about the First World War) written by Philip Orr. The play depicts the memories of the narrator—an old soldier of the 36th (Ulster) Division who fought in the First World War.
Stephanie wanted to capture the kids’ enthusiasm and energy and yet evoke some of the pathos of the story. All this had to be compressed into just two minutes and formed part of her presentation at the ‘Enhancing the Curriculum’ conference in the Titanic Building in Belfast.